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How to Install Wifi Light Bulb Camera for Home Safety - 3 Easy Ways

Do you know you can still watch your house when you are out? Yes, as technology rises, we have seen so many developments in recent days regarding security cameras. 

Security cameras are one of the coolest things about living in a time of technology where new electronic devices arise daily. So many options are available now, from security cameras to fully functional wifi-supported devices that you can operate through smartphones. 

And today, we are discussing a Wifi Light Bulb Camera that offers complete security to your house. However, there are always new gadgets and tools on the market for home security, and light bulb cameras are one of them. 

In this article, we will help you to know how to install wifi light bulb cameras with 3 easy setup processes. 

What is a Wifi Light Bulb Security Camera?

WiFi light bulb security cameras combine a security camera's functionality with a light bulb's convenience. They connect to your home's WiFi network and can be monitored and controlled through a mobile app.

This device is designed to be placed anywhere in any standard light socket. However, the functions are easy to use and easily set up with your smartphone. Your home is protected by high-definition video and audio recordings.

  • Some models include motion detection and night vision features, making them even more effective at protecting your home. 
  • You can access your WiFi light bulb security camera from anywhere. 
  • It is also possible to control some models remotely, which makes it a convenient and energy-efficient addition to your house.

Like any internet-connected device, these cameras can provide potential security risks. That’s why it is important to choose a reputable brand that offers the best wireless wifi light bulb camera security camera for providing deep security to your home and minimizing the risks.

3 Easy Ways To Set Up A Wifi Light Bulb Camera

Installing a security camera light bulb is as easy as a standard one. There are simple steps, like turning the power off to the light or socket, removing the old bulb, and screwing in the security camera bulb. 

1. Before plugging in.

  • Before plugging in the light bulb camera, there are some things you need to be prepared for. 
  • Check the bulb camera, WiFi router, and Bulb base closer to your WiFi system.
  • Use Smart APP to connect your camera to your phone. 

2. During Plugging.

  • When you finish the 1st step, find the bulb base closer to your Wifi router.
  • Remember to turn the power off before plugging in your light bulb. Many people risk plugging in the bulb directly before turning the power, which may cause an electrical current.
  • When removing the light bulb and reinstalling the camera, ensure it has cooled down first.
  • Now simply screw in the bulb camera and do not turn on the power. 

3. Set up a light bulb camera.

  • It is this time to set up the bulb camera with the app so you can control all the functions through smartphones. 
  • Search for a suitable Smart app in App Store/App Market, or find the QR code (if available) and scan it to download the app instantly.

How To Install The Wifi Application?

Once you have set it up, you need to install the application. Below are some steps that help you to install the Wifi light bulb camera at home:

1. Register your device:

Every brand has its App to activate the camera and connect it to your phone for remote control. However, once you find the app, open it and get yourself registered through a login process to make an account.

2. Add Device

Some products only support 2.4GHz Wi-Fi networks, while others only support 5GHz. You can either use a QR code net-pairing or add the device.

Things To Know For A Wifi Light Bulb Security Camera

There are several things to know for a Wifi light bulb security camera. Before purchasing your device, you must check all the features, functions, and camera control that allow you to control it remotely!

Step 1: Choose a quality brand Wifi Light Bulb Camera

Choosing a wifi light bulb camera that meets your needs is important. Look for high-quality cameras with high resolutions, wide fields of view, reliable connectivity, and night vision. 

Step 2: Get ready for Installation

Be sure you have all the tools you'll need before installing your new camera, including a ladder, screwdriver, and wifi password. Do not run at the moment when you are installing the device, as you have to make all the things ready for the installation process.

Step 3: The time of installation

If you want a wifi light bulb camera installed, you must turn off the power to the light fixture you plan to replace before you start the installation process. Remove the existing bulb and screw in the wifi light bulb camera. Finally, switch the power and test the camera to ensure it works.

Step 4: Set up your camera

Installing the camera requires connecting it to your home wifi network and downloading the accompanying app by following the instructions. The app will allow you to set up a camera account, add the camera, and adjust camera settings.

Step 5: Maximizing Security

Keep your wifi light bulb camera secure by enabling two-factor authentication, changing the default password, updating the firmware regularly, and disabling remote access if you are not supposed to use it. 


It's a great way to enhance your home security with a smart bulb wifi camera. Following the steps mentioned above, you can set it up quickly. Now is the time to start protecting your home! It is a good way to watch your house when you are not home. Also, some cameras have a built-in alarm function that automatically rings up when something unusual happens. So, what are you waiting for? Choose the best reliable brand that offers all the needed features to secure your place completely. 

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