8 Creative LED Strip Lighting Ideas For Living Room

8 Creative LED Strip Lighting Ideas For Living Room

If you are looking for unique ideas that can enhance your living room appearance and cost you low, choosing LED strip lighting is an excellent way. These small yet easy-to-decorate large areas can create a warm and inviting atmosphere that will make your room more significant. There are numerous categories of LED strip lighting available in the market, and today, we will discuss how you can use LED light strips in living room with our 8 creative ideas to elevate your space.

What Are LED Strip Lights?

LED strips are universal and customizable. These lights have been made with adhesive clips or backing to perfectly secure the ceiling, furniture, mirrors, and other surfaces. You can use them everywhere, like the ceiling, under the table, on the mirrors, and more. They work perfectly in all places and should be attached within reach of electrical outlets to function. 

However, some are usb powered led light strip with built-in power to connect with the electrical socket through a USB. These USB lights don’t need to stay closer to an electrical outlet, as they have a USB connection so that you can operate them efficiently. 

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8 Best LED Strip Lighting Ideas

Here are the 8 best LED strip lighting ideas for living rooms to make the space look bigger and gorgeous. 

  1. Ceiling coving or cornice
  2. Mirrors
  3. Stairs
  4. Under furniture 
  5. Under cabinets
  6. Shelving 
  7. Sink & bathtub sides
  8. Screens.

Ceiling coving or cornice 

The installation process of LED strips in the ceiling coving of your living room is one of the most convenient and budget-friendly ways to decorate the place. Once you install the LED strips, it will enhance the architectural details of your ceiling area. There are wide varieties you can use, such as:

  • Give historical buildings a modern twist by adding accent lighting
  • Create a vibrant and warm look in your entryways for an admiral welcome.
  • Add ambiance to your function or bathroom as a night light
  • Decorate the top area of your kitchen 
  • Highlight the upper ceiling area with modest lights and focus on the dining and living rooms.


Make your mirrors more admiring and entertaining with a backlighting LED light strip living room area to welcome guests. It is an updated way to decorate your walls, mirrors, furniture, etc., with traditional large vanity mirror bulbs. Furthermore, it provides an even lighting level and creates a soft glow, minimizing shadows.

  • Choose bright LED strip lights for large wall mirrors.
  • You can use a soft touch and medium light color for your vanity mirror.
  • Enhance your bedroom lighting with led strip lighting bulbs. 


You can illuminate stairs with LED strips below the railing and the treads. They're not only aesthetically pleasing and make navigating at night more comfortable without waking up by turning on bright overhead lights.

  • LED lights under stairs can broaden the area. 
  • It makes your house looks bigger and more spacious. 
  • You can choose USB powered led strip light to function remotely. 

Under furniture 

Besides decorating the rooms, installing led strip lights under your furniture would be fun. This way, you will add a unique yet creative glow to your rooms. And of course, as we said already that these led strip lights are a good option to make your rooms spacious. There are many places you can choose to attach led strips, such as:

  • Sofas in your living rooms to add ambiance and get comfortable control over lighting. You can attach led strip lights under your sofas or tables to make them look illuminated and beautiful. 
  • Add a soft light to a party table by upgrading it with LED strip lights.
  • Or choose your beds and armchairs to conveniently illuminate the floor and make it easier to see at night without waking anyone up. 

Under cabinets 

Like shelves, adding led light strips living room cabinets, or other frames can add more value and a vibrant look when you install soft lights. You can choose many options to sensibly decorate the small to larger areas without losing your budget. 

  • Decorate led strip lights under cabinets or shelves to improve your space. 
  • For cabinets, it will be easier to navigate things when you install led strip lights under them and search easily. 
  • No need to switch on the kitchen lights; you can even find automatic led lights that can be opened through a sensor.


It is also possible to use LED strip lights to illuminate dark basements, closets, cupboards, and pantries for easier searching. They make displaying books, artwork, collectibles, and other things easier. 

  • LED lights on shelves can make searching easier without turning the lights on. 
  • There are motion-activated sensor-led lights available that don’t need any electrical outlet. 
  • These sensor-operated lights are a more convenient and easy-to-operate option; however, they are high in budget. 

Sink & bathtub sides 

Additionally, to backlight your bathroom mirror, LED strips light up the bottom of your bathtub to create a relaxing, low-light ambiance in your bathroom. However, remember, do not feel so relaxed that it makes you sleep in the tub. 

  • Choose dim lighting in the bathroom areas to provide a more relaxing and peaceful environment. 
  • Avoid installing led strip lights in that areas where water falls frequently; keep your lights secured from water splash. 


In addition to preventing eye strain, LED strips can create a very cool-looking set-up by balancing the brightness of your screens. Enjoying Netflix at home with your partner in dim lighting effects would be a great idea. 

  • Placing the led strip lights behind the screen can make your TV looks bigger.
  • You can choose either the USB lights or electrical support ones to operate functions. 


As a result, LED strip lights can completely transform your living room decor by highlighting architectural features, creating mood lighting, or simply adding a pop of color. You can use them to highlight architectural features, add color, or create mood lighting. Various LED strip lights are available on the market, ranging from music-synced to color-changing. You'll surely find one to suit your style. We've shared some great ideas for using your LED strip lights creatively in your living room or other places, so try to see the change.

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