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How to Pick Lamps for the Living Room

Have you ever struggled to know how to choose lamps for the living room? Finding the perfect lamp with the absolute size, style, and other features is important to understand. Many people don’t find the right size lamp for their living rooms, and they get the wrong size lamp that doesn’t compliment the decor. So, if you want to protect yourself from such unworthy material, this article is the right choice.

In This Article 

  • How To Choose Lamps?
  • Best Ideas To Pick Lamps For The Living Room
  1. Match With The Decor
  2. Measure The Lamp Size
  3. Types Of Lamps
  4. Try Accent Lamps For Big Space
  • 5 Basic Types Of Lamp Lighting 
  1. Natural Lighting 
  2. Task Lighting 
  3. Ambient lighting 
  4. Decorative Lighting 
  5. Accent Lighting 

How To Choose Lamps?

Decorating your apartment or house is exciting but challenging too. There are different decisions to make, such as decor style, theme, color, and price for everything from rugs to furniture and lighting. Everything can be done so quickly; unlikely to choose the right lamp for the living room. 

Choosing a lamp is one of those hectic decisions to make. Your one right choice can make your home miserable or beautiful; it depends on your choices. Although, we would like to help you by giving you some key points which will further guide you in choosing the right size, style, and light lamp for your living room. 

Best Ideas To Pick Lamps For The Living Room

Here we summarize typical ideas into the best 4 to make you understand the importance of the right size lamp for the living room.

  • Match With The Decor

Before choosing the lamp for the living room, make sure to match it with the decor. Lamps for the living room are often made of glass, porcelain, or old vases, while lamps for the family room are usually more casual. 

The lamps in the living room will be larger and more comfortable than those in the bedroom since you will use them more often. They can be made of pottery, metal, wood, or glass.

  • Measure The Lamp Size

Measure the lamp size is very important. Many floor lamps have a broad shade to cover and brighten the area's light easily. However, before purchasing the lamp, understand where to place floor lamps in living room. 

If you choose the floor lamp, you must put it in the corner. Lamps in the corner places look more beautiful and create a warm and nice atmosphere. 

  • Types Of Lamps

There are generally different types of lamps available in the market. 

  • Table lamps: This type of mid-size lamp is the most popular portable light in homes today, providing a great deal of light to improve activity performance or a room's ambiance. However, some modern lamps have a USB charging feature, and you can find them under the table lamp category. 
  • Accent lamps: They normally provide ambient light and create a unique style statement. While useful, their main purpose is usually to strengthen the interior design theme of a space or just add an impulsive decorative touch.
  • Reading lamps: Reading lamps offer a brightly focused light and can adjust to changing needs. Dimmers are useful in living room lamps and help make reading time more peaceful and protect the eyes. 
  • Desk lamps: Your desk lamp should be adjustable enough to provide reading light to the needed area. Mostly these lamps have a small cup-type shade that provides enough lighting to cover the whole desk. Most have another feature, a tilting shade, which helps redirect light onto paperwork throughout your desk.
  • Floor lamp: Small living room lamps can be a wonderful choice to fit perfectly in the corner without taking up enough space. 

  • Try Accent Lamps For Big Space

An accent light highlights a space's architectural features, illuminates artwork, or adds low lights to a room's edges. A torchiere lamp directs light upwards, adding soft accent lighting. The shade of the lamp is usually bowl-shaped or cone-shaped.

If you space your lamps evenly around the room, your living room will have a warm glow that creates an inviting atmosphere. These accent lamps are a good choice for large living room areas to create a luxurious look.

5 Basic Types Of Lamp Lighting 

To help you out in selecting the best lighting for the lamps, below are some key factors:

  • Natural Lighting 

Natural light during daylight can improve mental and emotional well-being by reducing stress and improving attitudes. It also reveals colors in their truest forms. This type of lighting is more suitable for places like bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, and even bathrooms. 

  • Task Lighting 

A task light can provide additional brightness for reading in a living room, working in a home office, or preparing meals over a kitchen counter. These kinds of lights are considered illumination specific to a particular activity.

  • Ambient lighting 

This type of lighting is called "general lighting" and provides an overall uniform amount of illumination in the room. We usually see it when we turn on a light switch when entering a room. Ambient lights include ceiling fixtures, portable lamps, sconces, and wall lamps.

  • Decorative Lighting 

In purely aesthetic terms, this lighting is ornamental, which catches the eye and reflects personal taste and decor. These lamps rarely emit bright light but do add to the overall illumination. The decorative lighting reflects the furniture and makes a room look spacious and extravagant. 

  • Accent Lighting 

A specific sculpture or artwork may be the focus of your home's architecture or landscape with this type of light. Various accent lighting options are available; you can use that to create a specific visual mood or ambiance indoors or outdoors.


So, here we have concluded now! 

Well, the best lamps living room depends on the style and needs of your home. Don't stress too much about choosing the perfect lamp. Choose the lamp that complements your decor by considering room size, lighting feature, style, and bulb color. Let your creativity flow, take your time, and enjoy the process of creating the perfect living room for you and your family.

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