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Nintendo Switch Joy con Wireless handle

Nintendo Switch Joy con Wireless handle

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1. In the robot dog, it is not supported to adjust the frequency of the digital code to achieve the maximum resonance point of the motor, but to achieve a large thrust, change the frequency, and change the vibration intensity to realize the rotation function of the robot dog.
2. The controller can be charged on the console. But it will stop charging because the console is in sleep mode. The controller can also be charged on the TV Dock or Professional Joycon charger.

Product name: Compatible for Switch left and right Bluetooth-compatible wireless small handle
Special note: This handle does not have infrared camera imaging function. For example, when playing a robot dog game, if you block it with your hand, the robot dog will not approach your hand and will not stop when it reaches the position. Does not support the amiible function of NFC, that is, the function of brushing equipment is not supported in Zelda games. There is also the digital motor function and the HD vibration function (ie: the handle sound function). For example, in the robot dog, it is not supported to adjust the frequency of the digital code to achieve the maximum resonance point of the motor, but to achieve a large thrust and change the frequency. Vibration is strong and weak, and the turning function of the robot dog is realized; in "Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Edition", the handle sound function is not supported, and the above description is specially made. If the subsequent upgrade version supports new functions, please make relevant descriptions, thank you! (Currently does not support photo and NFC functions)
Connection and charging method between the handle and the host: Insert the handle into the host Method: Insert the left and right handles on the left and right rails of the SWITCH host respectively. After they are in place, you will hear a locking sound (there is also a prompt on the screen). After the host is installed, the host will automatically connect with the handle and recognize the handle is inserted.
To disconnect the Bluetooth-compatible connection and connect back to the Bluetooth-compatible:
In the Bluetooth-compatible connection state of the handle, if you want to disconnect the current connection, you can briefly press the sync button on the guide rail to disconnect the Bluetooth-compatible connection of the handle, and the handle goes to sleep. Press and hold the sync button on the handle for 3 seconds, and you will see the player number light on in a horse-racing manner. Press any button on the handle (except the 3D button) to reactivate the handle and reconnect to the Bluetooth-compatible connection state.
Handle Bluetooth-compatible connection:
Unplug the two handles from the host (press the rail lock button before unplugging the handle). After unplugging, the handle automatically enters the Bluetooth-compatible connection mode. When the Bluetooth-compatible is connected, the internal motor of the handle will vibrate, and the four Each player's number light will stop racing and light up the LED lights according to the number (the number of lights and the position of the lights indicate the number of the controller channel corresponding to the Bluetooth-compatible connection), and the Console letters on the controller icon on the host screen will turn into four small squares to indicate the current The four LEDs of the Bluetooth-compatible connection handle, the small green square is the same as the corresponding player handle number light. After the Bluetooth-compatible connection is OK, the handle can be used to perform related game operations. The Bluetooth-compatible receiving distance is normally 8~10 meters.
Packing list:
2 x Game Console
2 x Hanging Rope
1 x Instructions
1 x Carton
1. Due to manual measurement, please allow 1-3cm error. Make sure you don't mind before bidding.
2. Due to the difference of different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the product. Thanks.

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